Look who's running and who we support.

Important Dates & Deadlines in March & for Upcoming School Board Elections

Voter Registration Applications are here and can also be downloaded here and also from the State Election Board website.
They are also available at County Election Boards, most tag agencies, post offices, and libraries.

* Changing party affiliation is not allowed from April 1 through August 31.

Last Date to Change Your Voter Affiliation: March 31
Any request to change your political affiliation after March 1, will not go into effect until September 1.

Early In-Person Voting:
March 31 & April 1
Tulsa Election Board, 555 N Denver, Tulsa, OK, 8 am - 6 pm

In-Person Voting (at your precinct): Tuesday, April 5
Find Your Polling Location Here:

Get Out & Support a Candidate!!
Fighting for our future is not easy and these candidates are out working hard to ensure that you, the parents and the voters, can be heard. April 5th will be here before you know it. So be sure to take some time to support one of these candidates by volunteering to help knock on doors, make phone calls, hosts meet & greets & fundraisers, and making a donation for the April 5th election!
We meet at Tulsa GOP HQ every Saturday at 10:00 am to help our candidates. This is a team effort! We need your help to help get good REPUBLICANS elected. 

The Democrats are working hard against us. Check out this letter filled with lies the Tulsa County Democratic Party Chair sent to Democrats in Tim Harris' race the weekend before the February 8th election. Read here.

Help Tulsa GOP get these candidates elected! Your donation today will go a long way in helping us get the message out.