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Tulsa County Runoff Election Results for April  5, 2022


The Tulsa GOP supports these Fine Candidates

Elena Ashley

E'Lena Ashley
Tulsa Public School Dis 4

  • Set policies and practices used to measure and hold schools and districts responsible Academically and financially.
  • Supports active parental participation in child(ren)'s academic success
  • U.S. Army Veteran
  • Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science & Master’s Degree in rehabilitation counseling
  • Former coordinator for the Tulsa Dream Center’s youth after-school and counseling programs
  • Advocate for the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • More...

Tim Harris
Tulsa Public School Dis 7

  • An Advocate for Children
  • Former Director of the Crimes Against Children Division.
  • Tulsa County’s Top Law Enforcement Officer -  16 years of advocating for our communities
  • A Legacy of Fighting for Us
  • Will fight for teacher pay
  • Fighting back against the false indoctrination of Critical Race Theory.
  •  More..

Shelley Gwartney
Union Zone 2

  • Personal freedom and liberty are worth protecting.
  • All options need to be considered before demanding all citizens comply with one way of thinking.
  • Ensuring that our parents' voices are heard
  • Ban explicit sexual material in our school libraries
  • Teach the accurate horrors of history without equating it to the current student's race/sex.
  • No more mandates
  • More..
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Ashley Cross
Jenks - Zone 2
  • Education is the core strength of Jenks Public Schools — I will work for opportunities and curriculum that support our strength.
  • I care about your concerns and values — I want to do my part to make the world better for our children.
  • I oppose Critical Race Theory— Everyone matters and should be respected.
  • I support a practical approach to COVID — Children need to be in school.
  • I oppose the over-sexualization being pushed in our schools — Pronouns, inappropriate materials, etc.
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MaRanda Trimble-Kerley
Sand Springs Schoolboard

  • Ensure that our children come first by electing school board members of school age children.
  • Mother of 3 children who attend 3 different campuses within Sand Springs Public Schools.
  • You can have my ear and I will be your voice!
  • Wife of an army veteran.
  • Comes from a family of educators and coaches.
  • Being both a parent of 3, and a daughter raised by teachers, I will bring a far more balanced parent/teacher perspective to the school board, and will be an advocate for both!
  • I oppose CRT and any form of oppression or radical indoctrination.
  • Bullying of children is a problem many parents have been facing and nothing has improved. I will work to find solutions and resources to stop this ongoing problem. Our children must feel safe at school. No exceptions!
  • I will fight to remove the explicit pornographic reading material from our school libraries.
  • I will bring focus to the declining reading and math proficiency percentages and work hard to find solutions to better the curriculum so that our children can excel and succeed.
  • I oppose school shutdowns and mask mandates and will not stand for either.
  • I will connect you to the decision making processes in our schools.
  • I oppose Big Tech’s data collecting surveys that school districts around the nation are adopting intended to gain our children’s social-emotional state. These products are intended to integrate the social and emotional skills of students into the school curriculum.
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Mark Griffin
Tulsa Technology Office 3
  •  Thirty-Two years at Tulsa Public Schools and Tulsa Tech in instructional, support and administrative roles
  • Professional emphasis has been in educational technology, both using technology to enhance instruction and teaching technology to students.
  • To find out more about Mark Griffin, visit:
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IT'S A FACT: The last school board election held in 2014 for TPS District 7 was determined by less than one thousand votes. 968 people cast their vote in that election. We can not allow that to happen in 2022. Republicans MUST get out and vote!


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Tulsa County 2022 Election Results